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Estate Administration - We assist executors and family representatives with the final details of a decedent's estate, including probating the will, working with creditors, business success and terminating contracts.

Wills and Estates

Have you had your will reviewed recently?  Or is it just sitting on a shelf?   Your life changes and your will should be reviewed regularly.  Call Woodruff Law Firm, LLC today for an appointment.



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Estate Planning

Estate Planning is an important process that will help ensure that you and your family are provided for toward the end of your life and after your passing.  Woodruff Law Firm, LLC can help you design an estate plan that will save your loved ones both emotional and financial distress should you become disabled or pass away.

Woodruff Law Firm, LLC offers a wide variety of estate planning services, including:

  • Wills - No matter what your age or stage in life, it is never too early or late to draft a legal will.  Woodruff Law Firm, LLC will draft initial wills and update wills for people who have changed circumstances.
  • Trusts and Trust Administration - Protect your family assets from tax burdens now, while ensuring the money will be used to meet specific purposes by your heirs and beneficiaries.  Woodruff Law Firm, LLC will explain various options for trusts.
  • Other Legal Instruments - Woodruff Law Firm, LLC can also assist you with powers of attorney for financial and medical decisions, living wills and advance health care directives.

These are some of the Estate Planning Services offered by Woodruff Law Firm, LLC.

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